Normal lens

In film times, a “fifty kopeck” was considered a “normal” (standard) lens, but with the advent of the times of reduced matrices (after all, a full frame is now expensive for an enthusiast), it is being replaced by a 35 mm lens, although many continue to use fifty kopecks, even if their coverage angle was reduced completely to a moderate portrait lens.

There is not much normal in the lens – if we exclude human peripheral vision, a 50-mm lens gives exactly the same picture that a person sees, and therefore all proportions are respected (wide-angle ones differ in this – they simply capture part of the field from peripheral vision). Actually, before that it was enough – then it was just “zoom with your feet”. Today it has been replaced by a real zoom.

In fact, of course, there is nothing to replace fifty dollars with – this is the very line between a wide-angle and telephoto lens, on which more than one generation of successful photographers has grown up. Usually they make it fast enough, about f / 1.8, and for ridiculous money, about 100 bucks, which many people go for – however, when everything around is with zooms, the lens still loses in terms of versatility, but quickly teaches the photographer how to play within the frame. In other words, lenses of this type are more likely for training than for everyday use in different situations – and the angle is not enough for the room, and you can’t take a normal portrait very well.