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Universal lens kit

When buying your first DSLR, be sure to take it complete with a “whale” – manufacturers are doing a tricky move aimed at marketing their own, “native” glasses, reducing the price of a staffer below its market value (i.e., if you buy such a lens new separately from the camera, in total the difference will be 100-200 dollars, which can be spent just for fifty dollars). The quality of the staffer is not so hot, but you will see it only after a year or two of shooting, and even then, if you are lucky – and by that time, maybe its plastic case will not serve as well as in the old days.

In fact, functionally regular zooms have replaced the standard fifty dollars – EGF 50 mm today is in the middle of their range (in the case of 18-55, of course). It turns out that the same fifty dollars was simply expanded with the possibility of zoom, and that’s all, leaving the fifty dollars itself. See the number 35? This is what he is.

The advantage of the “whale” over the “fifty kopecks” is in functional terms, since it allows you to shoot the situation in the room, and good portraits come out of it, you just need to twist the zoom ring. The disadvantages are also obvious – in terms of quality, it always loses, however, this can be safely discounted at the beginning of a creative path, since it is impossible to find a better lens for study.