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Wide angle lens

“Shirik” is a necessary tool for a landscape photographer and reporter who shoots close corporate parties or parties. EGF here starts from 15-16 mm (the example shows Tokina 12-24, which is 18-36 mm), allowing you to cover 90 ° and even a little more, which is enough “behind the eyes” to shoot even in a room. It is usually argued that a “big hole” of 2.8 is completely optional for the width – however, corporate professionals who often have to work, except perhaps in pitch darkness, will hardly agree with this, and you can meet different people here, including those who are afraid of daylight , with which they can confuse the flash pulse.

The advantage of a conventional linear wide-angle over a fisheye is that the picture is almost distortion-free (the higher the price, the less spherical distortion and the larger the relative aperture), and the disadvantage is an almost half the coverage angle.

The lens can also be used to distort the proportions of objects – when shooting objects from an angle, up close, it visually “compresses” them (if you have seen how a 16:9 picture is shown on a 4:3 TV, you will understand), since the eye perceives the picture as normal (taken with a “normal” lens), and it is wide-angle. However, this effect also occurs in some computer games.

Note that people standing at the edges of the horizontal frame only noticeably get fatter and lose weight as they approach the center of the frame.